Peter mabutt

Head of Academics at LSCCH


Peter Mabbutt is the Global CEO and Director of Research for the LCCH. He combines 20 years of psycho-pharmacology with two decades of clinical hypnotherapy practice.

Besides being a lecturer at LCCH, he is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist at the Guy’s Hospital, St. Thomas’ Hospital and Southwark Council ‘Health Education. Peter is also a member of the editorial team for the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis and a Fellow of the BSCH. 

Working with all aspects of hypnotherapy, Peter has a particular interest in pain management, trauma, and the mind-body connection (psychoneuroimmunology). He also treats those presenting with relationship issues and has a focus on the often-overlooked psychological challenges faced by men.


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"I believe clinical hypnotherapy is a means to help us achieve our true self."

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