Dr Anand

Dr Anand

Dr Anand

MBBS,Mmed(Anesthesia) Uni Malaya,Hypnotherapy Pain Specialist MCH,SMM

People go through so much pain trying to avoid pain. Helping others to understand their pain psychology and how best to manage pain with thoughts, is what I’m trained in and passionate about. As a clinician specialised in anesthesiology and critical care medicine, hypnosis has helped me to help others manage their pain better because hypnosis is to consciousness what a telephoto lens is to a camera. I have only been exposed to the effectiveness of clinical hypnotherapy during my training as an anesthesiologist, despite being a clinician since 2003.

I do not limit my passion to helping people in managing chronic pain and cancer-related pain. I also create awareness among healthcare professionals in hypnosis by giving medical talks and publishing articles in medical journals to increase the growing number of evidence in the scientific world regarding clinical hypnosis.

Practising hypno-anesthesia & hypno-sedation

Published papers in medical journals

Consultant clinician managing pain in hospital

What if hypnosis is not a cure, but is a means of establishing a wonderful climate in which one can filter out suffering from the pain?

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