Pia Granjon

Pia Granjon

Pia Granjon

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Social Anthropology, Social worker, Life coaching
Therapy is a dance. We are two in this co created rhythm
What we deny or hide, consciously or unconsciously, often represents what leads our life; this is what will unfold from your sessions with me
Seriousness, creativity, imagination common sense or appropriate humour and challenges are on the menu in my therapy room
I am passionate about cultures and subcultures as they are part of what we show of and hide about ourselves
I was born an expatriate, still am an expatriate with strong roots in my home culture; a keen learner, alwaysMy invitation to you:
You can discover that you make sense in your way to think and behave, even though it may be painful at times;


hours of therapy psycho therapy + coaching

Regular monthly supervision

Personal ongoing psychotherapy

“Know all the theories. Master all the techniques. But as you touch a Human Soul, be just another Human Soul.” Carl Jung. I would add: nothing is ever known forever

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