Saratha Devi Raju

Saratha Devi Raju

Saratha Devi Raju

M.Sc. Psychology (Derby)

Saratha has helped many to achieve their goals in career,
relationship, education, health and finance. She believes in
addressing the underlying issues in order to have sustainable
positive outcomes. Most of the time, these issues are deep
rooted, repeated and even traumatic. She has been successful
in helping those with issues related to confidence, anxiety,
depression, grief, career dilemma, self-esteem, relationship,
body image, phobia and more. Saratha also works with those
who have had trauma related to sexual abuse, accident, loss,
childhood to rediscover themselves and move forward to live
a better quality of life. As a psychotherapist, she utilizes
integrative and eclectic approaches based on her trainings in
CBT, SFBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Narrative Therapy, Schema
Therapy and EMDR.

Senior Accredited Member (ICP)

Level 4 registered therapist (APACS)

Trained in trauma treatment approaches





Step-by-step towards wellbeing and better quality of life

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