Chin Soon Lee

Soon Lee Chin

Chin Soon Lee

BSc (Hons) Pharmacy, PDCHyp, MMPS, MBSCH, MSCH Founder at Mind Your Health

Soon Lee is a pharmacist-turned clinical hypnotherapist. Through her years of experience as a pharmacist, she has come to know many who prefer not to take medication for their conditions, if possible. She has also observed that many of our negative emotions such as feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed are also manifested as physical symptoms such as pain, insomnia, eczema, and vice versa. This had led her to believe in using a more holistic approach that treats not only the symptoms but takes the client’s psychological state into consideration.

Her general approach is, listen, understand the needs and goals of each individual client, help them construct solutions to their problems, and help them visualize success. She works with clients to guide them away from problem-oriented thinking to problem-solving, hence helping them get unstuck, regain their wellbeing, reduce their sufferings, and reclaim their life.

Nothing enlightens me more than seeing every individual that I work with is now able to re-write their story.

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