Clinical Hypnotherapy: Explained

Many people are curious about clinical hypnosis.  They visit clinical hypnotherapists, watch it on TV dramas, and sometimes become captivated by ideas of past life regression or mind control. But very few people realise that hypnosis itself is a naturally occurring state and that anyone can enter clinical hypnosis once they have shed a few […]

Would You Pay Kindness Forward?

Paying it forward is the concept of repaying an act of kindness by being compassionate or generous to someone else in the future. The idea, which originated in ancient Greece, is about creating ripples of kindness that expand within the community and through time. This might sound like it belongs in a fairy tale or […]

Curious about hypnotherapy? Here’s all you need to know

Clinical hypnotherapy has rapidly been growing in popularity. Even before the pandemic, online hypnosis sites were recording up to 20 million visits a year, particularly from those seeking advice on insomnia and anxiety disorders. The air of mystery created by certain movies and urban myths is being replaced by a growing body of research and […]

How EMDR Can Help Your Clients To Heal

Psychological trauma affects people in different ways. Some people walk away from life-threatening events seemingly unscathed whilst some may experience a normal fear response, but this either fades with time or is resolved after a few sessions of therapy. However, the incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has been increasing over the last 2 decades. […]

“Your Mind Matters: Revolutionising Healthcare”

Third International Virtual Conference in Clinical Communication and Hypnotherapy We are delighted to be sharing our third international and virtual conference with you. The Your Mind Matters Conference was born in the depth of lockdown during 2020 and launched on 5 June 2021. The first conference, unsurprisingly, focused on teletherapy and the way that clinical […]

Boost Your Mental Health with These 5 Lifestyle Changes

What is “healthy living?” It may simply mean having good physical health to some, having good mental health to others, or, to most people, having a balanced physical and mental health that functions well together. While these two factors are interdependent, in years gone by, individuals were more in touch with their physical health than […]

A New Technique For Emotional Healing

The world is transitioning from pandemic to endemic status. But the spread of covid-19 remains unabated. Many of us know someone who has tested positive and there is still an alarming number of hospitalisations and even deaths. So what will life look like when covid-19 becomes endemic? Will we have a clean break from this disease […]

The Neuroscience Behind Hypnosis

How Well Do You Know Your Emotions Are you someone who worries about things? Do you replay sad thoughts inside your head?  Can you remember with nostalgia and comfort the way your mother tucked you into bed? Or are you still fuming about someone’s bad driving on the way to work or the row that […]

Are You Looking For Greater Meaning?

Tired of feeling stressed? Last year nearly 79% of employees reported experiencing work-related stress. The lines between personal life and professional commitment were blurred during the last two years and it is not surprising that many people feel emotionally and physically exhausted and cognitively weary.The American Psychological Association study published last year identifies an increase […]

Should You Be Listening To Your Intuition?

Most people can relate to an inner voice or feeling telling them that something is wrong?Another common experience is a sudden insight about the person you are talking to. Somehow, without them stating it, you can sense the meaning behind their words, or recognise that they carry a deep sadness or joy. When asked most people […]