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Nearly one in five people struggle with a mental illness according to a report published by the National Mental Health Institute. These US statistics reflect a global trend, and many people are looking for ways to help boost their mental wellbeing for a more positive 2022. 

One of the simplest and easiest ways to relax and build emotional resilience is through self-hypnosis. 

Of course there is still a little bit of mystery surrounding hypnosis so we have invited Peter Mabbutt, President of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis to offer his extremely popular interactive workshop on how to do self-hypnosis. Peter is a psychopharmacologist and clinical hypnotherapist and well equipped to peel away the myths and reveal the science behind hypnosis. Participants will also experience a session of hypnosis and learn to do self-hypnosis for themselves. 

Some Thing in Life Are Still Free

2021 was a long and hard year for many people. This January, graduates and students from LSCCH – LCCH Asia are offering free sessions of self-hypnosis designed to boost mental wellbeing and set everyone up for a positive start to the year. 

The sessions will be offered individually via a confidential and encrypted virtual link. Participants will have the opportunity to work on their new year resolutions, learning how to relax using self-hypnosis, have a boost their mental well-being or just experience a deep relaxing session. The offer is open throughout January and designed to share better awareness of how clinical hypnosis can help us individually and the people around us.

Curious about CBT

Our thoughts and beliefs often influence how we feel about something or someone. Experts recommend that we should move away from judgemental labelling which often focus the blame onto others. The recommended healthier approach is compassionate curiosity.

This is not always easy to achieve. But cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) offers a simple structured approach that enables us to identify, thoughts and feelings that are unhealthy or unhelpful and learn how to change them into healthier and more productive responses.  

We have invited two international experts, Dr Sumithra and Charles Caruana to host a sharing session on CBT. The workshop is suitable for anyone who is interested in psychotherapy or personal growth and creates a rare opportunity for practical insight into the way CBT works.

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